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Quantum Upgrade

There is a source of energy inside of you that sustains you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. And if you learn how to harness it, you will be capable of healing any ailment. For thousands of years there have existed energy healing practices. And the moment has come to experience just how powerful they truly are. Get upgraded today!


What is Radiant Energy healing?

Radiant Energy healing is a holistic system that activates self-healing and expands your conscious awareness. It works to address any imbalance and restores well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. We utilize Khayah ReikiEmotion Code, Meridian Tapping and Biomagnetic Therapy to achieve balance and harmony within the body's twelve major systems. Radiant Energy healing eases stress and anxiety, relieves chronic pain; clears your trapped emotions, rewires any negative thought patterns and boosts your body for optimal performance.


Our healing modalities features the best holistic techniques designed to transform your mind, body and soul. They will help calibrate your body into optimal levels of wellness associated with physical balance, emotional stability, mental clarity and spiritual rejuvenation. These healing techniques are non-invasive and apply proven methods to guide your body towards vibrant health. This system is designed to be easy to follow and will produce great results. It will definitely make a noticeable shift in every area of your life. We look forward to being able to work with you!


Premium Energy Healing Bundles

We offer professional 1 to 1 video conferencing sessions for clients worldwide.


Khayah Reiki is designed to promote relaxation and clear any imbalances in your body's energy systems.


Emotion Code will identify and release any trapped emotions affecting your overall health and relationships.


Meridian Tapping is a method to reprogram negative thoughts and help relieve your stress and anxiety.


Mastering The Art of Relationships

Are you and your partner struggling? When you're both stressed out, it drains energy from the body. This new online workshop will address what it takes to repair the damage in your relationship!

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