What is Emotion Code?

Emotion Code is the simplest method to begin healing any underlying emotional or psychological imbalances from the past. Having trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, pain and cause people to feel disconnected from others. Releasing trapped emotions helps to make conditions right for your body to heal, allowing physical and emotional symptoms to become more manageable and gradually disappear.

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  • Do you ever feel that you are struggling under the weight of something which you cannot put your finger on? People can often sense they have emotional issues, but still don’t understand how to resolve them.

  • Trapped emotions are negative emotional energies that you still carry around from past events or traumas. They can block people from finding true love and happiness and make them feel disconnected or lonely.

  • Trapped emotions can produce pain and eventually manifest disease. In addition, trapped emotions can affect what you think and how you respond to everyday life.

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Why do trapped emotions negatively affect your health?

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, all trapped emotions are formed of energy, just like the rest of the body, and they can negatively affect your organs, muscles and tissues. Trapped emotions can also produce pain, inflammation and eventually manifest disease. In addition, trapped emotions can exert a dramatic effect on what you think and feel, the choices you make and how you respond to everyday life. 


Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and give you the means to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health and be free from the negative circumstances which trapped emotions have been exerting upon you.

How long does it take to release your trapped emotions?

After one Emotion Code session, there have been clients who have experienced miraculous results. However, it is standard to have at least ten sessions in order to experience lasting results. As we find and release one layer, others will show up needing to be cleared. Your subconscious mind will decide how many trapped emotions can be cleared in each session.


Most of the time, we can identify and release anywhere from three to five trapped emotions in a 60 minute session. However, there are times when your body will only allow you to release one or two emotions. Once you have released all that you can handle in your session, you may lose the ability to be further tested. When this happens, you will be finished for the time being and can resume again in your next session. 

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How Do We Release Trapped Emotions?

We use muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to access the subconscious mind and locate any trapped emotions so they can be released. This simple test can obtain specific information about what you're feeling at a deeper level within you. 


Once we identify any trapped emotions, we swipe a magnetic rod along the governing meridian to remove blocked energy out of the body. Then, we muscle test again to confirm that those trapped emotions are cleared and no longer present.

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